Strong, healthy families communicate. The Church is a big family, so we communicate too!  We do this through our website, social media, and print media.

But! If you want one source that sends you a digest of the most important news, events, stories, and info from the family at FBC Park Street, subscribing here is how to do that.

You'll get one very focused (and fun) email on Thursdays called The Tie. It tells you what you can expect every Sunday (and beyond) at FBC Park Street. It's what you need to know in a tasty format. (It goes well with a cup of coffee, because everything goes well with coffee.)

This Week at FBC (very) occasionally comes on Monday and is, quite simply, one big event that's happening this week at FBC. It keeps you from that "ohnoItotallyforgotaboutthat!" moment.

We don't spam, sell, or do anything with your email that Christ would not want us to do. And you can unsubscribe guilt-free! Come, be family!
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